Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rate My Photographs-Batch #2

I have taken a lot of photos in this particular category and need feedback to help me narrow down my selection. Again, please vote on each photo or set of photos and rate them from 1 to 5 (5 being best). Email me at I appreciate your feedback.

Category: People--"In the Moment"

A. Father and Baby Daughter

B. Kids Relaxing in the Pool

C. Father and Daughter Play in Pool

D. My Mom Laughing

E. Toddler Exploring in Moab

F. Flip silhouette #1

G. Flip silhouette #2

H. Eskimo Kiss

I. Boy scared of gun show (vote as a set)

J. Fall time (Vote as a set)

K. Brothers admiring new baby cousin

L. My Dad the Geologist

M. My Grandpa making his bed

N. My uncle reflecting at his parents graves.

O. My nephew's birthday (vote as a set)

P. Cheesy Smile


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  2. I love picture letter B! Your photographs are stunning!
    Brad Fallon